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After School Programs

Little Einstein’s Homework Zone, Kids Stations, and Kids Club are designed to keep school age kids in a structured environment, while also providing them with a fun and educational experience in a social atmosphere. Keeping kids on track in school is key to learning, but making sure to offer programs geared towards how they learn is just as important.

Homework Zone

Homework can be fun when you get together!
We set aside time each afternoon for children to focus on their homework. Little Einstein Preschool Clubhouse teachers are available to answer questions and guide each child’s progress.

We work closely with you to come up with a homework plan that works for your family. Some families prefer children play their energy out and save their homework for home, while other families have busy schedules and extracurricular activities and find it helpful for children to get a head start on their homework while in our care.
We are committed to affirming and encouraging kids as they progress through the school year.

Homework Zone

We value our time with your children! Activities are planned in various stations for children to rotate through. Here is a little bit about each station:

Investigation Station:
Science investigations, sensory fun, experiments, and amazing facts!
Creations Stations:
Sculpting, painting, crafts … unlimited creativity!
On-Stage Stations:
Let imaginations go wild! Put on plays, dress up, create new worlds!
Challenge Stations:
Games, competitions, puzzles, and more!

We know each child has interests they love to share with others. The Kids Club offers each child the opportunity to form their own special interest club and teach their peers about what they love! Here are some of the clubs that can be formed:

* LEGO® Building
* Stepping/Dancing
* Puppetry
* Sewing/Weaving
* Gardening
* Beads and Jewelry
* Photography
* Sports – little kids
* Checkers
* And more…..

Kids Club

Making every moment of your child’s day count! Below are some of the fun things we’ve planned:

Group Huddle:
At the beginning of our club meeting time, we get together as a group to plan our day and determine how we want to spend our time learning and discuss our days. It is important for kids to find a connection with each other and feel they can count on their peers to understand and work through their struggles and triumphs together in support.

Learning Stations:
This is a time where kids are challenged to learn and create new things while having fun! Our stations include: Investigation Station, Creation Station, Challenge Station, and Cooking Station. They are encouraged to engage in imaginative play while including manipulative learning.

Outdoor Adventures:
Little Einstein Preschool Kids Club House provides state of the art playground equipment that is age appropriate and super fun! Our outdoor area also includes a garden available to the kids where they are encouraged to plant and grow their own vegetables and/or flowers.

Group Games:
Every day our Club House teachers plan fun educational games to promote teamwork within the group. They play classic favorites, as well as teach new games! Playing games together encourages friendship, healthy and humble competitiveness, cognitive skills, and more!

Special Interest Clubs:
We know that each child has interests they love to share with others. We give each group the opportunity to form special interest clubs that we help organize and support throughout the year.

* LEGO® Building
* Stepping/Dancing
* Puppetry
* Sewing/Weaving
* Gardening
* Beads and Jewelry
* Photography
* Sports – little kids
* Checkers
* And more…..

Little Einstein Preschool Transports to and from the following schools:

Burke Classic Charter
Potter Elementary
Franklin East Elementary
Harris Elementary
Robson Elementary
Houston Elementary
Oak Tree Elementary
Irving Elementary
Holmes Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Burke Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Entz Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Highland Elementary
Keller Elementary
Franklin at Brimhall Elementary
Madison Elementary

* There are more schools that we can
pick up from. Call us about your child’s school.