Preschool: All Day Preschool

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Lions Room

Walk through a preschooler’s day at Little Einstein Preschool

Once your child enters our Lions room, we begin to incorporate a more structured learning day to help ready them for their upcoming school days. We believe that each preschool child learns at different levels because of their ages and stages of their development and that they are concrete learners. For these reasons, we offer developmentally appropriate activities through learning centers to teach concepts. We strive to teach the emotional, social, and cognitive concepts that children can understand and incorporate into their daily lives.

During preschool, your child will experience various activities that will introduce them to developmental concepts such as:

Learning to associate sounds with written words, identifying sounds and all letters of alphabet, and learning to write their name and familiar words, as well as shapes, numbers, colors, and so much more!


Learning to match, sort, make comparisons between objects, and understand complex concepts like over, under, behind, and in front.


Participation in simple investigations, beginning to predict results based on past experiences, and learning the importance of collecting, describing, and recording information.


Developing an eagerness to learn about new ideas, maintaining concentration despite distractions, and increasing the ability to find more than one solution to a question or problem.


Increasing hand/eye coordination by throwing, catching, and bouncing balls, growing independence in personal hygiene, and using pencils, markers, scissors, and paintbrushes with increased control.

Imagining Together

Every day we gather together and share stories, talk about our day, and play our learning journey. Being together allows preschoolers to get to know their friends, sing songs, and play learning games. We assign helpers for the day, give a weather report, and take a look at our calendar.

Investigating Together

Children are invited to explore in small groups as they experiment, solve problems, and record their observations. Teachers integrate elements of science, math, social studies, and creative art domains each day.

Reading Aloud

We love a good book! Each day we set aside time to read together. Reading aloud encourages preschoolers to be readers as we read simple, repetitive stories with predictable text. Children also learn about different authors, illustrators, and different types of stories.

Inspiring Literacy

Every day, teachers plan rich literacy engagements that develop the following skills: Concepts of Print, Phonological Awareness, Letter-Sound Knowledge, Vocabulary, Oral Language, Listening, and Reading Comprehension.

Meals & Snacks

Children who are with us all day enjoy daily, nutritious snacks and meals. Besides a balanced meal, we also focus on table manners, independence, and good eating habits. Intimate classroom dining allows children to eat at their own pace in a familiar environment. Teachers and children sit and eat together, sharing good food and conversation

Enriching Play

Kids are in charge of choosing which areas they want to explore. Our Enriching Play centers are designed to give children independence and are equipped with invitations that promote unique learning opportunities. Each day they have the opportunity to visit dramatic play, construction, literacy, writing, creative arts, math/manipulatives, science, music, computers, easel, and sensory tables. Each station is enriched weekly so there is something new for the children to discover.

Quiet Time

Children who stay with us a full day have the opportunity to rest and recharge on individual, assigned cots. Children enjoy a calm atmosphere with soft, dim lighting and a cuddly blanket from home. While some doze off and nap for a time, others may enjoy a good book or a quiet activity.

Outdoor Fun & Exercise

Our classroom learning extends to the outdoors as our teachers plan daily, interactive outdoor enrichments. You will find games, water and sand play, books, and chalk in our outdoor “classrooms.” Each class is scheduled for outside time twice daily in an age appropriate play area. Our play equipment on each playground meets the highest standards and is designed to maximize fun and safety for all ages.