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A Day at Little Einstein Preschool in Infant Care

Our infant care teachers know that every baby is special and unique. We begin by getting to know your child’s routines: how often they eat, what time they like to nap, if they have a special comfort toy. We use this information to customize each baby’s day at Little Einstein Preschool. All of these daily routines are potential learning moments as our loving caregivers interact by talking, singing, and playing.

Meals and Snacks

Our babies have different schedules and we work with parents closely to ensure consistency throughout each day. In this room, because each baby’s needs are so different, meals are provided by families until children are ready for table food. We provide a daily record of each meal so parents know how much and when their child ate.

Care Routines

Hugs and cuddles are essential to every baby. We promote this closeness by taking time during regular routines to talk, sing, and interact. Washing hands and even meal times become a special time for close, one-on-one interaction. We want every baby to trust their caregivers and know they are loved.

Large Motor Activities

We encourage babies to be active! Inside activities include tummy time, rolling, crawling, pulling up, reaching, and more. Each day we also provide outdoor experiences so children can benefit from fresh air and the wonders of the outdoors. We also take babies for stroller walks on our playgrounds.

Time for 3 Es

Our curriculum activities are woven into every child’s daily schedule. We Enrich, Explore, and Educate at times when they are alert and ready for learning moments. Our teachers post their weekly activities on the classroom Communication Board and on their Lesson Plans so families can stay informed.

Reading Aloud

We love a good book! It is never too early to start exploring books with children. We make time every day to look at pictures and read aloud to our babies. With plenty of sensory books in our classroom, there are lots of opportunities for your little one to explore reading.


Babies have various nap schedules in our infant room and caregivers communicate closely with families to ensure consistency in their individual nap routine. Each baby has their very own crib in the classroom with their name on it to provide a personal nap space.