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Our Programs at Little Einstein

Little Einstein Preschool has partnered with Teaching Strategies to implement Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool, a nationally recognized Early Childhood Education program. Creative Curriculum® offers opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that builds lifelong critical thinking skills and fosters confidence through their “studies” approach to learning. Every component is intentional, proven, and grounded in child development theory and scientific research, so you can be assured our teachers are able to deliver positive outcomes for your child.

The Creative Curriculum® Approach centers around 5 fundamental components:

1. Knowing how children develop and learn, and the characteristics and experiences that make each child unique.

2. Creating a responsive, rich learning environment, a daily schedule, and weekly plans that provide direction, but allow flexibility.

3. Understanding what children are learning in the areas of language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.

4. Using a variety of intentional teaching strategies to build positive relationships with children, teach all children effectively, follow their progress, and guide their behavior.

5. Building meaningful partnerships with families to support children’s optimal development and learning.

Little Einstein Preschool offers a lot of exciting and educational activities for your children alongside the Creative Curriculum® Approach!

We offer interactive outdoor gardens to teach about fruits, vegetables, and the plant life cycle. The children are encouraged to choose their seeds as part of our curriculum as they learn gardening skills and watch their plants grow!

In partnership with other local businesses, we are able to offer additional in-house actives that your kids can be involved in like sports, gymnastics, and yoga.

To keep you up to date with your child’s day here, we utilize electronic software to document and track your child’s daily routines while in our care: when/what they eat, when they sleep/play, what they are learning, and to enhance the communication between parent and teacher.

Most importantly, we offer cameras throughout our center, allowing parents and family to login at home, work, or on the go and watch your child play and learn. The camera login is safe and secure with individual password protection for each family. For additional safety of all our children here, logins only give access to the rooms where your child is enrolled.

Programs Overview
Our infant teachers know that every baby is special and unique. We begin by getting to know your child’s routines: how often they eat, what time they like to nap, do they have a special comfort toy? We use this information to customize each baby’s day at Little Einstein Preschool. Find out more
Once your child reaches our Koala room, we begin to incorporate a more structured day of learning to ready them for the upcoming school day. We believe that each preschool child learns at different levels because of their ages and stages of their development and that they are concrete learners.
Jump on board as we stamp our passports and travel through the summer fun. Little Einstein Preschool kids club will be traveling the whole summer through adventures!
We are proud to offer parents our “Momma Bear Program”!

Momma Bear is for parents who need to go for a job interview, but don’t have the money for childcare. We want nothing more than to help keep kids safe. You should not have to put your child in a dangerous situation in order to go to that job interview. Find out more

Little Einstein Preschool offers “Parents’ Night Out” and “Parents’ Night Sleep Over” events throughout the year so you can head out without the kiddos, because let’s face it – they’re the light of our lives, but sometimes we want a night for ourselves! Find out more