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State of the Art Security

Your child’s safety is our #1 priority!

Security is an important issue for all parents. We employ state of the art security measures to keep your child safe and secure.

Electronic Security

Our facilities include a secure, coded entry so only staff and families with the protected code can access the entrance. This means unauthorized visitors are never a risk to your child’s safety.

Hiring Process

Teachers are given extensive federal- and state-mandated background checks, as well as FBI fingerprint clearance. All teachers must also pass an in-room observation period prior to completing the hiring process.

Front Desk Security

Our front desk is always staffed so there’s no worry about an unauthorized entry. Our watchful eyes focus on safety first and we monitor any guests who may drop in for a visit.

24 Hour Video Monitoring

Little Einstein Preschool has 24 hour video monitoring with full back-up. Additionally, there is outdoor perimeter monitoring to ensure your child has the fullest protection and safety.

Emergency Protection

There are five direct-to-the-outdoor exits throughout the facility should we need to evacuate quickly. Our staff are all trained in the proper protocol should an emergency arise.

Security Cameras

Every childcare classroom has security cameras for front desk monitoring. The owner and staff easily observe classroom activities throughout the day. Through KidsVision, you can access these same cameras and watch your child through a secure, password-protected Internet site.
How awesome to know you have no worries while your child is learning at Little Einstein Preschool!

KidsVision Online Video System

If you are experiencing any difficulty in accessing or using KidsVision Online Video System, please contact the email or phone number below, and a technical support representative will respond shortly. When requesting technical support, please make sure to note your child care provider, browser version (AOL, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.), your Windows Operating System (e.g., Windows 98, 2000, or XP), and a description of the problem you are having.